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Strengths Discovery Program

What leaders have in common is that each really knows their strengths, has developed their strengths, and can call on the right strength at the right time.

– Dr. Donald Clifton, the Father of Strengths-based Psychology

Program Overview

In the conventional development approach, managers and employees tend to focus on acknowledging and rectifying their weaknesses rather than identifying and utilizing their strengths. In fact, according to Gallup’s research, employees who know their strengths and use them at work every day have 7.8% greater productivity, and teams that receive strengths feedback have 8.9% greater profitability. 

The Strengths-based development approach suggests that, instead of focusing on employees’ weaknesses, companies should identify employees’ talents and help them establish as strengths at work in order to increase their capacity for suitable positions.  These employees will be more motivated, hence greater productivity that leads to business results.

In the one-day development program, the well-known scientific-based CliftonStrengths ® Assessment is used to support the participants to discover talents and learn how to leverage their talents to maximize productivity at workplace.

Program Objective

  • Uncover your unique innate talents 

  • Understand the essence of strengths-based development and philosophy for greater engagement and productivity 

  • Gain a deeper understanding about the bright and dark sides of talents

  • Leverage your strengths to enhance your professional competency and success

Program Information

Date & Time

Te be confirmed



Every course participant will receive:


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with English materials 

  • A Gallup CliftonStrengths® Top 5 Assessment 

  • A customised Strengths Tag with your Top 5

  • Strengths Discovery Course Workbook

What do our participants say?

"Excellent facilitation & customer focused program designed. My stakeholders are highly satisfy with the professional & high standard in services of consultancy, tailor made program design & training delivery of Talent Academy."

Ms. Nancy Lee

Director, Talent Management,  HK, Macau & Taiwan

Manulife International Ltd

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